What is Everyone Yelling in the Yosemite Campground at night?

Elmer_pg1Since the 1930’s Yosemite campers have long been confused and amused by shouts from all directions calling the name “Elmer!” Imagine sitting in your campsite, enjoying an evening campfire and the quietness of the evening is suddenly interrupted by all of your neighbors erupting into a shouting match calling for the little boy that got lost decades ago. The inescapable exchange is often heard in the campgrounds in Yosemite Valley.
ELLLLLMMERRRRRR! Is that call that you are hearing as the sun sets in Yosemite’s campgrounds every night during the summer. Have you ever wondered where the story began? Who is Elmer and why is everyone calling his name? The Story of Elmer in Yosemite is a campfire tale that you will want to read over and over again to your children. A story of the little boy that got lost in the woods of Yosemite is a story that our family tells every year around the campfire and now you can too. ELLLLLMERRRRR!

A book based on the legend by Richard Barna and Illustrated by Alden Olmsted.

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