Why Buy Independent Books from Independent Bookstores?

Branches exterFor those of us who really enjoy a reading, there’s not much better than spending an hour two in a quiet local bookstore and picking out a new book. Buying trends, in the last couple of decades, have not been kind to those local bookstores. With online sellers and big-box bookstores gaining traction with low prices, many independent bookstores have been forced out of business. Fortunately, it seems that the tide is turning and independent bookstores are making a comeback.

The success of independent booksellers and independent book publishers go hand in hand, they both help each other, and you can help both of them!

Advantages of buying books from an independent bookstore

  • You support your local economy. More of the money you spend at a local small business will stay in your own community when compared with the same amount spent at a large corporation. By buying from a local book store, you’re helping provide a livelihood for the owner and employees who in turn invest portions back into the community.
  • You get great service. Most independent book sellers are not in it for the money, they’re in it for the love of books, and consequently, they have a lot of knowledge to pass on to customers. Chances are when you buy a book online, you won’t be having a reading camoing booksconversation with the computer about similar books or the about author.
  • You can go to events and programs. The majority of small bookstores offer lots of events and programs including book signings and readings, hosting book clubs, children’s story times and the like.
  • You’re more likely to find books produced by independent publishers. As part of the great service and the programs offered by independent book stores, they are frequently promoting and suggesting lesser known books and authors who don’t have the celebrity status to be featured in a big-box book store or online. Without this type of promotion, many lesser known authors would never be able to make it and the world would miss out on so many wonderful books.

Advantages of buying independently published books

  • You are more likely to discover new authors. Large publishing houses are reluctant to publish new authors. By seeking out independently published books, you have the opportunity to stumble upon the next greatest author of all time.Branches elmer
  • You help support a small business. Most independent publishers are small companies and each book you buy makes a difference to their livelihood. And again, when you support a small business, it is more likely that the money you spend will go right back into the community.
  • Since you are more likely to find independently published books at an independent bookstore, by buying these books, you’re likely also supporting those local stores.

So as you can see, independently publish books and independent bookstores support one another, and by taking advantage of the opportunity to read a great new book, you can support both, too!

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