Building a Love of the Outdoors in your Children

CIMG1121 smallKids are natural nature-lovers. If you give young kids a chance to explore outside, chances are they’ll have a blast. But in our modern society, kids are getting less and less opportunities to explore the outdoors, so how can we build a love of the outdoors in our children? Continue reading


How to Get a Campsite Reservation in Yosemite During Peak Seasons

reservations for camping When it comes to camping in Yosemite during the spring and summer there is no let’s just head to the valley and see if there is anything available. My family and friends have been camping in the Upper Pines Campground every summer for almost a decade. Each year as we log on to book a reservation the fear of not getting a campsite for our annual vacation has us chomping our nails with anxiety. Here are a few things that we have learned over the years to help you plan your camping vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Here is the challenge: Reservations become available to book at 7am Pacific time six months before your planned camping time and are all reserved by 7:05am Pacific time. So how on earth are you supposed to get a site? Here are my best tips… Continue reading